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Protect Kendall Now! has three components, or phases.

  1. Develop a Kendall County Open Space and Natural Areas Plan: A unified plan for open space opportunities was developed through the work of a Steering Committee. It was completed in early 2006 and endorsed by many communities. It shows existing public and private open space along with other open space "opportunities" to plan for and implement over time. This Steering Committee included a number of stakeholders including municipal and county planners, conservationists, farmers and landowners and developers. We utilized information from a variety of sources and obtained consensus on a vision for the future. Click here to Learn More About the Plan.
  2. Launch an Education and Public Awareness Campaign: September through November 2005 marked an intensive educational initiative to increase awareness of the importance of open space and natural areas on the quality of life for the residents of Kendall County, and the urgency to protect it now. Click here for details on the Campaign, provided in a report on the Public Awareness Campaign (6 MB PDF file).

    Open space is a necessary ingredient to our quality of life. Through mailings, news articles, newspaper ads, cable television commercials, radio public service announcements, small group meetings, public seminars, and face to face contact, Protect Kendall Now! will demonstrate the importance of natural areas protection. Open Space and natural areas provide outdoor recreational opportunities, clean our drinking water, protect wildlife corridors, and acts as buffers to streams and rivers. Kendall County is rich in these natural areas and by educating individuals and fostering an understanding and appreciation of the treasures that exist in Kendall County, we create more public support to protect the land.
  3. Contact Landowners: The third phase of the initiative is on-going and began in July 2006. The Conservation Foundation along with its partners Fox Valley Land Foundation and CorLands are contacting landowners whose property appears as "light green" in the Plan to see if they are interested in protecting their land. For those landowners who are willing to talk, we will inform them of their many options to preserve their properties. This is strictly a voluntary effort. If you're an interested landowner, please download and fill out the Land Preservation Questionnaire. Return it to us, so we are sure to contact you.

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