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If you are developing land in Kendall County, we want to work with you. The intent of Protect Kendall Now! is not to stop or stall development. In fact, Protect Kendall Now! recognizes that development is and will continue to occur. We simply feel that as development continues to occur at a fast pace in Kendall County, that preserving open space and natural areas must also occur at a faster pace.

In many respects, developers benefit from the efforts of Protect Kendall Now! As more land gets set aside for recreation, flood control and other quality of life benefits, more people will want to live and work in Kendall County. Businesses want to locate to places where their employees can live and enjoy recreational and family opportunities that the great outdoors provides. Many people want to live near protected open space and will pay more for land that meets that criterion.

We would like to work with developers on site plans, sustainable development ideas, conservation design and integrating open space into developments. On land being proposed for development in or near the "green" areas on the open space plan, we are especially interested in talking.

Please contact project manager Stephanie Sheetz at (630) 553-0687 ext. 304 or to talk about how you, as a developer, can get involved in Protect Kendall Now!

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