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As elected officials in your community, your residents rely on your leadership to do the right thing. Protecting open space, improving the quality of life, and keeping taxes from skyrocketing is part of your responsibility. Protect Kendall Now! helps improve the quality of life in your community by doing these, and many other positive things. Voters support open space for a number of reasons. Click here to learn about the reasons why they support open space preservation.

One of the objectives of Protect Kendall Now! is to help implement the open space component in local community comprehensive land use plans. Through the work of a Steering Committee your plan was integrated into the Kendall County Open Space and Natural Areas Plan, completed in Spring 2006. This public-private partnership, to create a common vision for the entire county, would cost $175,000-$200,000 for a consultant to produce, and that doesn't even include implementation or public awareness components! Your taxpayers are saving money through the partnership on this project. The partnership continues beyond establishing a unified vision to work with landowners and developers on areas identified as open space in your land use plans and help find ways to finance acquisitions. If there is a specific project or landowner you would like us to contact, please contact project manager Stephanie Sheetz at (630) 553-0687 ext. 304 or

Several recent surveys and polls conducted in Kendall County show huge, we mean HUGE, support for protecting open space in Kendall County. By advocating for more open space preservation and increasing the pace of this effort, you are in touch with your constituents and what they want. Prior to the Public Awareness Campaign, The Conservation Foundation conducted a survey to gauge the level of concern and support for open space protection. We then conducted a post-test to determine how the Public Awareness Campaign influenced attitudes. Click here to learn more about the Public Awareness Campaign components and the effect it had.

The Protect Kendall Now! initiative set the stage for the 2007 Kendall County Forest Preserve District referenda. Data from the pre & post-test polling completed with PKN served useful to the Forest Preserve District Commission when they considered whether to place this referenda on the ballot. The data showed a very strong interest in preserving open space.

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