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Press Releases

February 20, 2007 Workshop on Financial Benefits of Protecting Your Land
View the flyer (343 PDF)
December 2006 Help Save Reservation Woods
View the Flyer (3MB)
April 2006 United City of Yorkville Newsletter with information on support for the master plan
View the newsletter
July 6, 2006 Protect Kendall Now project celebrates its first year (2 MB)
Summer 2006 Plainfield’s Village Voice Newsletter with information on support for the master plan
View the Village Voice (773 KB)
May 16, 2006 Kendall County Resolution Endorsing Implementation of the Kendall County Open Space and Natural Areas Plan
January 19, 2006 Protect Kendall Now outlines new open space possibilities
Winter 2006 People Need a Little Open Space - newsletter article on 40 -acre conservation easement in southwest Kendall County
December 27, 2005 View Open Space Map at Information Meetings
View the Public Information Flyer Here (144K PDF)
December 13, 2005 Survey: Kendall County Voters Say Natural Resource Protection Preserves Quality of Life
December 8, 2005 Protect Kendall Now Thank You
November 5, 2005 Illinois House of Representatives show their support of Protect Kendall Now! through House Resolution No. 716. View it here.
October 3, 2005 Kendall Growth Conference Scheduled to Discuss Conservation Principles
September 26, 2005 Plainfield Supports "PROTECT KENDALL NOW!"
June 17, 2005 Conservation Foundation Launches "PROTECT KENDALL NOW!"

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Stephanie Sheetz
Open Space/Land Use Planning Manager, The Conservation Foundation
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Brook McDonald
President/CEO, The Conservation Foundation
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Dan Lobbes
Director of Land Protection, The Conservation Foundation
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