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As a resident of Kendall County, you have the most to gain by helping to protect open space, and the most to lose if we don't. Open space helps improve your quality of life by providing outdoor recreational opportunities, cleaning up our rivers and streams and drinking water supplies, cleaning the air we breathe, and acting as a buffer to development and traffic congestion.

Protect Kendall Now! needs your help in promoting the initiative and keeping people aware of the need and the effort.

  1. Consider land protection strategies if you own land with high natural value. View video describing common landowner options.
  2. Contacting your municipal/county representative to let them know how you want open space protected.
  3. Contacting your local and county elected officials and thanking them for their on-going support of Protect Kendall Now! This keeps them engaged and supportive.
  4. Volunteer. We assemble mailings each month and need your help with these.
  5. Making a charitable donation to Protect Kendall Now! to support this initiative.
  6. Support developments that use sustainable/conservation design. Some key items to promote include:

    • Large areas of open space left undisturbed.
    • Homes clustered away from sensitive areas.
    • Native plantings incorporated throughout.
    • Reduced stormwater runoff to allow recharge of groundwater supplies.

  7. Becoming a member of The Conservation Foundation.
  8. Attend educational and fund raising events for open space protection.

Contact the project manager Stephanie Sheetz at (630) 553-0687, ext. 304 or for more information.


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